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Links to Integral groups and Individuals

The Integral Institute
The primary portal into Integral awareness.

Integral Life
Breaking ground on establishing how to live an Integral Life.

Integral Naked
The audio visual kingdom of the Integral Institute, providing the most up to date insights on Integral unfolding.

Integral Spiritual Center
The cutting edge of religious and spiritual collaboration between some of the most highly respected teachers in the world today.

Ken Wilber
Ken's up to date and thorough website for personal, professional, cultural Integral insights and unfoldings. Including his personal blog.

Ken Wilber - Shambhala
Ken Wilber's dated Shambhala wesbite, where there are many important and essential excerpts posted.

Leaders in international development - integrating Self, Culture, Society and Nature.

Integral Coaching Canada
The leaders in Integral Coaching for both personal and professional development. Partners with the I-Life.

iEvolve - Global Practice Community
The global community of dedicated Integral practitioners.

The Integral Loft
Generating transformative change in human systems.

Integral City
Providing services, products, and intelligence for city managers, civil society, city developers and planers, and culturally creative citizens.

Integral Strategy Group
Management and strategy consulting for mid to large scale organizations.

Leadership development, strategic planning and economic insight for the new millennium.

West Coast Integral Initiatives
Human and social development. Leading the way in community health promotion and capacity building.

Integral Development Associates
A teaching and consulting firm that enables organizations for superior performance.

Lotus Lounge
Practicing love and compassion through collective feminine exploration.

Boulder Integral
The preeminent Integral community centre, dedicated to practice and service.

Genpo Roshi
Originator of the Big Mind Process, Zen Master Genpo Roshi has the largest global sangha outside of Japan. His home zendo, Kanzeon, is located in Salt Lake City.

Sensei Diane Musho Hamilton
Facilitator, mediator and spiritual teacher. Diane is one of Integral's most beloved and admired teachers of heart-filled Integral education and application.

David Deida
David is internationally acknowledged as the trailblazer in the art of spiritual sexuality.

Sofia Diaz
Gifted teacher of hatha yoga, sacred movement, and feminine spiritual practice.

Rabbi Marc Gafni
Devotional, inspirational - Marc is one of Integral's leading evolutionary spiritual teachers.

Bert Parlee
Integral psychologist, psychotherapist, coach, teacher. Bert sits on the board of the Integral Institute and is executive coach for Stagen.

Terry Patten
Integral leader in the domains of spirituality, coaching, writing and training. Terry is a well-known facilitator for the Integral Institute.

Emily Levang
Integral coach for the emerging feminine of the new millennium.

Barbara Alexander
Integral coach, psychotherapist, and professional spiritual director all in one beautiful woman.

Sean Esbjorn-Hargens
Trailblazing Integralist. Sean is the global leader in Integral scholarship.