• Your perspective is the key
  • All of you is taken into account
  • Sustainable and embodied change
  • Designed specifically for you

Integral Coaching®

You are a complex person. Every aspect of who you are influences how you understand your goals and desires. You see your life through the lens of your own self. Therefore, you can only see your fulfillments and difficulties from within.

The most profound way I can work with you is to allow every aspect, facet, trait, knot, kink and quality of who you are to feel welcome. Your success becomes sustainable only when none of you is left behind. In this manner, you and I come to see and know how you are experiencing your life. What is working for you, and what is not. We'll explore what you want to achieve, and develop the methods for your realization.

My encouragement and process is streamlined specifically for you. Every expression and interaction is designed to allow your depth to be acknowledged, challenged and active. Each step within your coaching program is continuously calibrated to ensure you feel the release of inertia, within the tension of growth. An Integral Coaching® program takes all of you into account, to ensure all of you gains from the work you will be doing.

Our working relationship provides the unfolding interpretation and vehicle to access possibilities within your potential. Your specific goals provide both the meaning and landmarks in our movements. As we step further into mutual trust, honesty and integrity, the clarity that an Integral approach provides becomes apparent. You will feel the effects of your coaching program almost immediately; and the meaning that you'll gain will progressively invite insights into your entire life. You are a complex person, yet your desire for change is very simple.

Integral means essential.

The fulfillment of your life is essential.

The Integral Approach is being used globally in many ways, for many applications, for many people. For more information see Links.