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About James

I saw a clip on YouTube the other day of a car that was speeding away from the police. From this aerial perspective, I watched as this renegade car suddenly cut across the meridian on the highway and smashed head-on into an oncoming car. The driver of that on-coming car had no time left.

We never know when our last moments alive may be. We take it for granted how very precious and fragile our lives really are. I've come to realize that there is no other time than now, to be living the life I want to live. How do I want to be crafting this time that I have left, not knowing how much time that is. Honestly asking myself this helps me make my choices.

In every moment I have a choice. While the endless patterns of who I am continue leading me down unknown roads of both pleasure and pain, I do have a choice each moment of how I want to be in that moment. Not denying what is going on for me, not reducing, bypassing, romanticizing, or dwelling - I have a choice to live with as much wisdom, openness and love as I am capable of in every moment. Each of us has this opportunity to choose how we want to live, how we want to shape our lives. This is how I live.

I bring this way-of-being to my relationships, my personal endeavors and to my work. As your Integral Life Coach, I also bring this to you. I do not expect you to live like me, that's not my goal. My goal is to help you live Life the way you wish to live - achieving your desires, your goals, your dreams. This is your adventure, how do you want it?

Education and training that have contributed to my coaching practice:

  • Integral Coaching Canada - Certified Integral Coach
  • International Coaching Federation - Professional Certified Coach (in progress)
  • Integral Transformative Practice - Integral Institute
  • Big Mind Facilitator training (non-certified) - Genpo Roshi, Diane Hamilton
  • Process-Oriented Bodywork, Worldwork and Facilitation - Arnold and Amy Mindell
  • Leadership Development Profiling and Framework - Susanne Cook-Greuter
  • Spiral Dynamics Integral, Organizational Design Levels I & II - Don Beck
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - University of Victoria

Psychology, spirituality and trans-personal development have been a primary focus of mine for over fifteen years. I have been influenced by the life and works of: Ken Wilber, David Deida, Chogyam Trungpa, Carlos Castaneda, Diane Hamilton, Santana, Genpo Roshi, Sri Aurobindo, Arnold and Amy Mindell, Nelson Mandela, Faithless, Barbara and Larry Dossey, Ramana Maharashi, Jesus Christ, Sasha and many others.

I am a board member and coach for Drishti: Center for Integral Action, as well a coach and event producer for iEvolve: Global Practice Community.

Twenty years as an emergency response and health care professional, has brought me many experiences and taught me many valuable lessons that influence my work as a coach. Pilgrimages across the world have provided insights, challenges and fine-tuning in my relationships with others, the world and myself. Some things that make me happy include swimming, yoga, meditation, surfing, sexuality, sleeping, sunsets, music, the moon, time with friends and family, movies, dancing and eating good food.

To finish, a poem from Tukaram...

---- Certainty ----
Certainty undermines one's power, and turns happiness
into a long shot. Certainty confines.
Dear ones, there is nothing in life that will not change
especially your ideas about Life.
Certainty can become an illness
that creates stagnation and suffering.
Since all is ever changing,
why not step in
and live as Truth.

Here is to the ever-changing truth of your life.