• Significant, effective, creative
  • Programs are highly individualized
  • Designed for your life style
  • Your commitment brings success

Coaching & Counsel Designs

Comprehensive Coaching Program

This is the classic Integral Coaching® design, using a format that is based on methodological rigor and practitioner embodiment. This well researched design supports and holds you in your development, while consistently drawing you into a new way of being. An extensively individualized program leading you through a comprehensive process determined by what you want to achieve.

  • The program is consistently calibrated to maximize your growth over a specific time period
  • We usually meet once every two to three weeks
  • The exact program length will vary depending on what you wish to accomplish
  • We collaboratively establish specific objectives to measure the outcomes of your program
  • Regular practices build the capacities you'll require to start moving towards your goals
  • Your commitment is paramount to the success of your program

Condensed Coaching Program

This is a stand-alone two-part program designed to give you what you need to start working on your own development. A program is designed consisting of specific education, insights, practices and techniques that you will use to guide your own process.

This format works well for people who:

  • Don't have time for a full coaching program
  • Do not have the money to invest in a full coaching program
  • Prefer to work on their own
  • Are working on something small and specific
  • Don't require support in their development, just need some direction
  • Want to try out coaching before they commit to a full program

Integral Counsel Session

When you require a safe and dynamic space to explore ideas, push boundaries, test edges, make linkages, and gain perspective, an Integral Counsel Session will be of benefit to you. Through an Integral lens any & all thoughts and territory can be examined and discussed. We'll meet in complete trust, integrity and security, such that you'll gain the counsel you require to make an informed and embodied decision.

Benefits of a counsel session include:

  • Explore and work with your ideas in new ways
  • Feel comfortable expressing your self in whatever manner will enhance your exploration
  • Gain insights from various unique facets that an Integral approach provides
  • Challenge and support in a manner that promotes and enhances your own process
  • Ask whatever questions you haven't been able to before
  • Receive clear discerning feedback about what you are presenting

A counsel session is not therapy or coaching. A counsel session works with what you bring to the table to offer you new ways to comprehend what you're working on. I'll provide you with firm ground to stand on and a solid container to press against, as you lean into your winds of change.