• Unsure of your next step?
  • Feeling stuck or sluggish?
  • Falling short of who you are?
  • This is the time for a coach

Why Coaching?

In your life you can experience times of inability and unknowing. In your career, relationships and self you'll encounter barriers or difficulties you'd like to overcome. You may be on auto-pilot, as if you're not quite in control, unsure of where you are going. You recognize you have potential, yet don't know how to open into. Your abilities feel limited, based in perspectives that are no longer working for you. Life can be a wild maze of choices you are simply unsure of.

Yet, with an honest impulse to get going, you find yourself wanting more. You want to start feeling alive and capable, bringing forth the truth of your life. Family, friends and peers will offer you advice. Perhaps you'll look into taking a course from an organization. Your search for clarity may lead you into the hands of a religious or spiritual tradition. Eventually, you'll desire comprehensive, unbiased and practical interaction and knowledge. This is the occasion to enlist a coach.

As a coach I work with you to look at the aspects or situations in your life that you'd like to change. We discuss what you wish to achieve, where you wish to go. I'll learn how you see life and how you move within. Collaboratively we design a course of action to progress you towards your goals. Communication and relationship are cornerstones to our coaching process, as are honesty and integrity. I also work for you by crafting the specific knowledge and resources that will assist you in your development. By providing plans, practices, information, and continual encouragement I will help you understand and actualize your individual path towards fulfillment.

In the coaching process, we'll step into the heart of who you are. I'll help expose the doorways to your aspirations. Yet ultimately, as on all roads to prosperity or distinction, it is up to you to walk through. Your effort and dedication are pre-requisites for your personal success. I am there to fine-tune and vitalize your intentions, until they become your reality.