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Simply put, James is his work. I admire and appreciate the consistency, professionalism, commitment and humour he brings to our coaching relationship. James has engineered a program that has provided a framework for wonderous growth, clarity of purpose and freedom to create. I have achieved my best and my worst and he has held the process masterfully without attachment. I'm not an easy client. I demand great things from myself and those I work with, and James has successfully met, exceeded and surprised. I truly value his experience, wisdom, and way of being; and he happens to be a really great guy.

------------------- Victor Vesely - Certified Professional Coach, Entrepreneur, Farmer

James was very quick to pick up on the patterns of behavior in my life and helped me become more aware of them. Through our work I have developed a new understanding for where I would like to direct my life and which behaviors are most conducive to this path. Through working with James and dedicating time to his practices I have gained a new perspective on what is most important to me and what will bring me to a heightened sense of fulfilment.

------------------- Rob Gareau - Manager, CIBC Commercial Banking

James Baye is a gifted coach; he held me and unflinchly called me to a series of life changing shifts in my world and heart. The work was a powerful combination of a deeply self aware coach and a wholistic program that delivered substance and service. The practices were tailored to me and both delighted and pushed me to and through and beyond my edges. I am more alive in my life and in my power as a woman than maybe ever before. Working with James was a large gift to my life and the people I love.

------ Donna Morton – First Power CEO, Creator Integral Economics, Ashoka Award winner

I have really enjoyed working with James. As a coach, he is both intuitive and insightful. His sessions have deepened the other personal development work I have been involved in and his exercises opened new insights that would have taken a far greater time (and a greater amount of pain) to come to on my own. I look forward to every session!

------------------- Trinda Reed - Performer

From my first session with James I knew that I had found the right coach. His ability to draw me out and guide me to insight was astonishing. His intuition and communication form the heart allowed me to see the broader context of my life while providing me with solid insight in specific areas. These sessions freed me to make changes in a very difficult time.

------------------- Eric Lott - Teamwork Development, Naval Engineer

In the midst of the turmoil and busy-ness of my life, working with James was like being handed a compass and then to collaboratively discover the journey there with a guide at each stage of the way, all the way til the end.

What James did exceptionally effectively was to get a complete sense of who I am enough to be able to present back to me a clear vision of where I wanted to get to. This compassionate mirror allowed me to see the territory in front of me without the muddle of my own being for a moment.

The program he custom designed for me was thoughtful, just-in-time, and synchronistic with whatever was in my life, weaving in the ongoing and external events of relationships and work with my inner work and goals.

I've recommended James without hesitation to anyone who has expressed a gap between who and where they are, and where they want to be, with an openness to going on this journey. It's not easy but it's worthwhile, and if you know you're worth the investment, James is an extraordinary guide.

-------- Gayle Karen Young – Integral Leadership & Management Review, Human Development consultant

James is a knowledgeable, committed, and caring life coach. His ability to set a course toward deep, lasting change and then navigate you through the often murky waters is admirable. I believe these gifts lie in the fact that James himself is an ardent seeker of self-awareness, that is to say he walks his talk.

------------------- Monique Salez - Flamenco Performer, Dance Teacher

Working with James has been a truly collaborative, deeply educational, and thoroughly inspiring ongoing adventure. Every aspect of my life that I have focused on refining with him has improved, and with his help I have discovered new ways to move through challenges with more confidence, strength, and grace.

------------------- Jesse Carmichael – Musician Maroon 5

Working with James was an amazing connection with I was and who I was becoming. I felt a great connection with James and truly felt he understood me as who I wanted to become. I found the sessions extremely helpful for me to chart a course on my path to self-love and appreciation. The program is with me all the time as I find myself reflecting on my journey and passing the sign markers along the way.

I would love to share this process with you and truly encourage you to work with James to meet your life goals.

------------------- Verinder Grewal – Owner Operator Club Phoenix, Contractor LG Management Ltd.

It doesn't matter what your life situation is at the moment, James can help you become better person, period. Specifically, James helped me recognize how old habits and patterns were no longer serving me. Because those patterns and habits were a part of who I was being, I could not see them for myself and without James's coaching, they would likely continue to negatively affect my life without me even being aware. James suggested new ways of being that would better serve me and gave me exercises that helped me develop into the person I want to be. It was like having a personal trainer for my life.

Being able to work with someone who can provide you with an honest and objective vantage point from which to reflect and make positive life choices is extremely valuable. I really can't say enough about the insights I gained from James's coaching; I would recommend him highly to anyone.

------------------- Robb Davis - Entrepreneur

I had embarked on our coaching relationship without knowing just what to expect from either James or from myself. At our first meeting James immediately impressed me as sensitive, alert, open, and inquisitive. Immediately put at ease by his manner, I felt safe and open. The intuitive insight and steady guidance he brought to our relationship resonated so powerfully with my needs, both acknowledged and unknown, that I was able to begin to perceive of myself in new ways.

Our work together continues to resonate as we move into a heretofore-imagined and unimagined landscapes. A coach such as James can truly usher in transformational change, altering one’s life experience perceptively. I consider such a process, a relationship as client and coach as I have with James, to be a sacred space where remarkable things happen, where opportunities to enhance and expand happen, where anything one imagines can happen.

------------------- John Michels – Retired Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Transpersonal Explorations

As my Integral Life Coach James Baye provided me with invaluable support and guidance in making a crucial shift in my life. When I began working with James I was stuck in old habits and perspectives that were no longer serving me. With his compassion and insight James not only identified the limitations of my perspective but provided specific practices that challenged this old perspective and helped me grow into a new way of being that was more in line with my deepest values.

Our relationship was fundamental in helping me clarify what was truly important to me. He not only helped me dig myself out of a difficult time in my life but also guided me in developing a new vision for how my life could be. Even over a year after working with James I find myself returning to our conversations and the insights we generated together in our sessions. His intelligence, presence, and compassion fuels his hard work and dedication. The work we did together is fundamental to the success and joy of my life today. My gratitude for James is immeasurable.

------------------- Maneesh Saini – Secondary School Teacher

My work with James ended with a search for an arrow in the forest. This is symbolic of the progress I made while supported by integral coaching. Previously I was unsure of what I was searching for. Now I know the goal of my life's journey. I have an improved ability to enjoy the search, to be present in each breath, to value my own efforts and to support and collaborate with others.

------------------- Bev Dow – Elementary School Teacher and Vice-Principal

Very few people really listen and hear others, and James is one of those rare few! Through his skills he has helped me tap into my capacity to love again, ignoring all my mental barriers, crashing through them straight to the point! Be careful though he can be quite ruthless if you feed him BS! If you open up and allow his honest guidance to wash over you, you cannot go wrong. He has changed my life, helped me to heal and grow into the woman I am now!

------------------- Sandra Bain - Performer, Alternative Sex Lifestyle Educator

I personally learned a lot out of the sessions that we had with James. This has been a very tough year for me, and I really identified with "looking at my world through a different lens". It would have been easy to curl up and shrink away from my life after all the negative events I've been through, but I took James' knowledge to heart and have worked very hard to see each obstacle as a learning opportunity to lead me elsewhere with more strength and experience. James, thank you again for being there, for your patience, and for your knowledge.

------------------- Skye Downey - Performer Cheesecake Burlesque Revue

The Integral approach provides a panoramic viewpoint, mirroring the unique complexity of each individual much more effectively than other approaches I've tried. James is intuitive, incisive and passionately intelligent in his work. I greatly appreciated his engagement in our work together.

------------------- Robin Fagnan- Recreation Worker, Massage Therapist

Who would benefit from an Integral Coach®

A real-estate agent would like to connect more with her clients. She is a good saleswoman, always on the ball, has good taste, is organized and communicates very well; yet something is missing. She wants to feel she is providing the best service she can, while not being superficial in her process. What she is looking for is more than relating better to people. She wants to be more present, active and whole when she is with her clients and peers. While she thinks her clients will appreciate this greater presence and ability, she also believes this will help her financial bottom line.

A doctor is having a hard time communicating with his peers. Every time he wants to present a new idea or concept they brush him off. He is starting to feel insecure and frustrated. He wonders if they respect him as an equal and thinks this whole thing is affecting his health.

A clothing store sales clerk wants to change her life. Her job at the local mall is not fulfilling, her boyfriend is not stimulating, and her friends are not inspiring. She feels she is going to end up being stuck in that mall forever. She has had a few ideas about what she would like to do, yet unsure as how to make it happen and if it is realistic at all.

A yoga teacher is starting to stagnate. He is experiencing a slump in own practice and it is starting to affect his classes. It is subtle, he is not sure how to describe it. He lives a healthy lifestyle, eats well, meditates, studies the yogic philosophies and continues to learn more about the physiology of the yoga postures. However, he is feeling like something is missing, something he can only describe as a zest or a verve that appears to be lacking in his life. He feels this is, unfortunately, influencing everything in his life.

A very successful business consultant awakens. She suddenly realizes she is forty-six, has a great career, financial success and a great name in the business, yet is unhappy. She feels out of shape, slightly stressed and would love some younger man to sweep her off her feet to go on some romantic adventure. She believes it is time to reprioritize her life, and wants to know how to do it.

A fireman feels his marriage is not doing very well. It's not that he and his wife are not getting along, they are. Yet life just seems...mundane. They go on holidays, have good friends, yet something is just missing. Even sex is routine and minimally satisfying. He wants to feel closer to his wife and feel more inspired in his life. At one time being a fire fighter was very meaningful, now it's just a job. He wants his life to have greater meaning and purpose.